DULLB entrance tips

DULLB Entrance Tips

DULLB entrance is your gateway for admission at the three law centers of University of Delhi. Every year, thousands of students appear for Delhi University and thousands appear for DU-LLB. Out of these thousands only few get to the university. So to be in the top students who pass with flying colors, we will tell you few tips and tricks about DU-LLB making it a cakewalk for you.

Tips and Tricks for DU-LLB we will share in this blog are:

1.            How to prepare schedule

2.            What to study

3.            How to attempt Mocks

4.            How to analyze your prep levels

5.            How to strengthen in Legal and G.K.

6.            Strategy during DU-LLB exams

Let’s begin students:

How to prepare schedule      

Preparing a realistic schedule is the first step in preparation for any exam. What do we mean by realistic schedule? So, many students make a similar mistake of creating unrealistic schedules which hamper their confidence and efficiency.

While creating a schedule make sure you are dividing your time equally between all the subjects. Maintain a consistency daily in your studying hours. For maintaining a consistency you will have to stick to the schedule you create. When the dates of the examination are near,  revise your schedule and stick to the new schedule.

 What to study

One should focus more on Legal, GK , Current affairs and Verbal Ability. Maths and logical reasoning questions are less in DULLB entrance. Hence, for any law student preparing legal aptitude and general awareness is always the key to success in LLB entrance exams. You may refer to The Hindu analysis on daily basis also read Pratiyogota Darpan magazine without fail. For legal we always suggest to read the material provided by our experts from coaching itself.

How to attempt Mocks

You must take mock test on regular time intervals to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. In every mock test give your full efforts as if a real exam. You should take it very seriously because your performance in mock tests always portrays the real preparation level of any LLB entrance exam in India.

How to analyze your prep levels

As mentioned above for any LLB entrance and getting a good rand in to it, all depends up on your preparation level. Try to identify your weak points and put some extra efforts so that by the time you are appearing for DULLB entrance exam you are done with complete preparation.

Strategy during DU-LLB exams

We always recommend you to start with your area that you are comfortable with. You must solve the easy sets at the beginning by scrutinizing the paper. Also, every exam has some speed breakers so kindly taking too much time or to get stuck with one question in your LLB entrance exam. Be calm and composed try to read the questions with patience and solve them in shortest methods. You must be good at Quant and Reasoning too as the questions from these sections are always the easy one, but students coming from non-math backgrounds always skip this section during the preparation. Although, these are the questions where you can get exact answers for your questions asked.

Our recommendations

Since, you always need the best entrance coaching for LLB entrance, so we always suggest you to join the full-fledged classes either online or online and to put your 100% for preparation under guidance of best professional faculties. Taking entrance classes with us is always play a vital role to understand the concepts in depth and to solve questions in less time. For more details check our course details




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